Book of Ra Video Slot

The Book of Ra video slot is hugely successful and popular casino slot game with a large volume of players from all around the world who can enjoy the slot from the comfort of their own home. The most effective way for the slot to be accurately reviewed and evaluated is for a survey to be conducted with players from all around the world. The survey is targeted at players of all different ages, sexes and backgrounds so that cross sections of people are asked their thoughts. The Book of Ra video slot survey asked players what the most important attributes of a casino slot game are. The player’s responses showed that the most important part of a slot game is the game play followed by the theme and then the visual and sound effects. The game play of the Book of Ra video slot is fantastic as it offers numerous bonuses and a moderate amount of flexibility over the win line selection. Players asked in the survey thought that the game was offered on an excellent formant and the bonuses are highly exciting. The format of the Book of Ra video slot is a five reel and ten win line game offering players a moderate amount of choice over their win line selection.

The players were asked in the survey what their thoughts are in regards to the flexibility of spinning the reels with between one and ten win lines active. The player’s thoughts showed that it’s an excellent amount of options to choose from and gives a good amount of flexibility. The more win lines the player spins the reels with active in the Book of Ra video slot means the more chance they have of winning. The more win lines active also means the more expensive each spin of the reels are for the player. The overall goal for players in the Book of Ra video slot is to line up five of the same symbols adjacently across the five reels. The different symbols in the Book of Ra video slot all pay the player a different amount and these can be seen in the games pay table. The pay table is located at the bottom right of the games main screen and when selected loads up into a new screen. The players who were asked in the Book of Ra video slot survey thought that the games overall objective is a fair and fun one to aim for.

The Book of Ra video slot has three bonus rounds that offer player’s different ways to increase their prize fund. The bonuses in the game are called the scatter, substitute and gamble feature. The scatter feature is represented by the book symbol where the player has to spin in three of the books to the screen at any one time. The scatter feature is then activated and ten free spins are awarded to the player which is potentially very lucrative. The player is shown a special symbol before the reels spin and if this symbol is shown during the free spins then the player is awarded a special prize. The free spins in the Book of Ra video slot can be very lucrative for the player and result in excellent prizes. The players asked in the Book of Ra video slot survey all thought the bonus is an excellent one and offers excellent winning potential. The second bonus in the Book of Ra video slot is the substitute one which dramatically increases player’s chances of creating a winning line. The bonus is again represented by the book symbol which has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line.

The player comments in regards to the substitute bonus in the Book of Ra video slot mentioned how much excitement is generated by the feature. The final bonus up for grabs in the Book of Ra video slot is the optional gamble bonus that is offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The bonus is an optional one that if accepted means the player is taken to a new screen and given a chance fifty/fifty bet. The outcome of this fifty/fifty bet is the player either doubling or losing their entire prize fund. Player’s comments in regards to this bonus in the Book of Ra video slot are that it offers an excellent chance to quickly raise their prize fund. The three bonuses in the Book of Ra video slot all offer players a great chance to raise their prize fund and become really profitable. The next important part of the slot game to players after the game play is the theme that’s presented. The theme of the slot game is an action and adventure one offering large amounts of excitement to players and a fantastic storyline.

The storyline of the Book of Ra video slot places the player in the shoes of an intrepid explorer who learns about an ancient book with mystical powers. The ancient book has been lost for thousands of years and the explorer sets of on a quest to find this book armed with clues. The quest for the book takes the player to Egypt searching through ancient Egyptian mythology and deep into pyramids. The storyline in the Book of Ra video slot is highly exciting and offer players the chance to escape on a once in a life time adventure. The thoughts and comments of players asked in the survey all thought that the slot tells a story that makes their heart race. The visual and sound effects of the Book of Ra video slot are of a very high standard and completely immerse players in the exciting adventure. The visual effects of the slot consist of the background, symbols and the title text which combine together masterfully well. The players asked in the Book of Ra video slot survey commented that the visual effects are of the highest standard and very visual appealing. The overall conclusion of the players asked in the survey was that the game offers a very complete and fun playing experience.