Download Book of Ra

Once the player has decided to play an online slot game they have two main options of how they would like to play the game their computers. The first of the two options is via flash where the slot loads up when the player is online through the computers internet connection. The second of the two options is the download Book of Ra where the player installs the slot on their computer. The two options both have different advantages and disadvantages that change depends on each player’s personal preferences. The advantages of the download Book of Ra is that after one quick and easy install the game is available on players computers when they are not connected to the internet at anytime of the day or night. Another major advantage of the download Book of Ra is that once installed there are no interruptions to the graphics or sound effects that may sometimes occur with the flash version. The download Book of Ra game is available in many different file types and formats so it works on lots of different computers. The game after a quick install offers excellent flexibility for players as they do not have to be online to enjoy playing the slot.

The download Book of Ra game after a one off quick and easy install offers players a fantastic story presented with amazing visual and sound effects. The story and theme behind the download Book of Ra game is highly exciting as it places players into the shoes of an explorer who learns of the power of an ancient book. The ancient book is believed to have the power to show the reader the location of the largest treasure of all time. The player in the role of the explorer sets of the Egypt to search though ancient Egyptian mythology in order to find the book. The adventure is fraught with danger and excitement as pyramids and Toombs are explored whilst trying to find the special book. The exciting adventure in the download Book of Ra slot is very absorbing and the excitement is delivered through breathtaking visual and sound effects. Once the download Book of Ra slot is installed on the player’s computer the visual effects that can be enjoyed are fantastic. The appearance of the slot game can be broken down into three main elements the background, symbols and the title text.

The background on display to players in the download Book of Ra slot is very appealing as it really enhances the games theme to players. The background is a golden colour showing the inside of a pyramid or Tomb covered in Hieroglyphics which looks excellent on the screen. The symbols used in the download Book of Ra slot are a combination of traditional and themed symbols which look excellent on the screen to players. The traditional symbols are the 10, J, Q, K and A which are all presented in an Egyptian themed font and look fantastic on the screen. The themed symbols represent different characters in the games exciting story and include the statue, book, explorer and scarabs that are detailed in great colours and animation. The different themed symbols are a visual highlight in the slot as when they are involved in creating a winning line they do a 3D performance on the reels that looks fantastic. The title text in the download Book of Ra game is another very important part of the slot game as it clearly and strongly displays the games name to players. The download Book of Ra title text is a combination of two strong colours and is surrounded with Egyptian themed images.

The sound effects that players will enjoy once they have installed the download Book of Ra game on their computers are excellent and brilliantly deliver the games theme to players. The sounds are very clever combinations of electronic tones to create an Egyptian feel to the playing atmosphere. The sounds effects in the download Book of Ra game also include in certain parts shorter and faster electronic tones that enhance excitement levels for players. The game play of the download Book of Ra slot is the most important element for players as this controls players chances of winning money when playing the slot. The format of the game is a five reel and ten win line set up offering players a moderate amount of choice and flexibility over their win line selection. Players need to remember that the more win lines are active the more chance they have of winning when the reels are spun. The more win lines active in the download Book of Ra game also means the more expensive the spin of the reels is for players. The game features three different bonus features these include the scatter, substitute and the gamble bonuses.

The scatter bonus in the download Book of Ra slot has the potential to be very lucrative for the player as it involves ten free spins and is an excellent feature. The scatter bonus is represented by the book symbol meaning the player needs to spin in three book symbols to the screen to activate the feature. The three book symbols triggers the award of ten free spins to the player if during these spins a special symbol appears the players winnings are multiplied. The second bonus available in the download Book of Ra game makes the player’s objective of lining up five matching symbols across the five reels much easier. The bonus is called the substitute bonus and is represented by the book symbol which as the ability to swap with other symbols on the board to create a winning line. The substitute bonus dramatically increases players winning chances and makes the download Book of Ra game potentially very lucrative. The gamble feature is the third bonus available to players in the download Book of Ra game and this is an optional bonus that gives players the chance to double or lose their winnings. The three bonuses in the slot combine to make a fantastic game playing experience that can be very lucrative for players.