Games Book of Ra

The Novoline range of games is huge with a large variety of themed titles offered to players to appeal to lots of varying player interests. The different themes presented in Novoline games include action and adventure, traditional, fantasy, animated and history games. These different games will suit individual players differently depending on a player’s personal interests and hobbies. The games Book of Ra is an action and adventure slot that appeals to players who enjoy films like Indiana Jones and The Mummy. These movies are action and adventure themed and feature the search for treasure through exciting and dangerous lands. The players of games Book of Ra will enjoy a highly exciting story featuring an ancient book that holds the secret to unlocking a mystical treasure. The adventure in the games Book of Ra takes players to Egypt searching through pyramids and tombs looking for the special book. The player on the search through ancient Egypt will face numerous exciting dangers that make the games Book of Ra one of the most exciting slot games on the market. The exciting theme is delivered to players through market leading visual and sound effects that allow the game to come to life.

The most important part of the games Book of Ra for players above the theme and visual and sound effects is the game play. The game play of the slot is sensational and offers the player loads of opportunities to win some excellent sums of money. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line game where players have a moderate amount of flexibility over their win line selection. Before the player start the reels spinning in the games Book of Ra they need to select the win line amount and then need to select the stake amount. The win line and stake selection buttons are found at the bottom of the games main screen and can be altered by pressing the win line or stake + or – button. Once the player has selected how many win lines and the stake amount they want to risk they can spin the reels. The overall aim for players in the games Book of Ra is to line up five of the same symbols across the five reels and the different symbols in the game all pay varying amounts to the player. The different symbols paying amounts can be seen in the games Book of Ra pay table.

The games Book of Ra features three different bonus features including the scatter, substitute and the gamble feature. The scatter and substitute feature in the games Book of Ra is represented by the book symbol. The substitute feature works by the book symbol having the power to swap with any other symbol on the board in order to create a winning line combination. The substitute bonus is therefore an excellent feature as it can really increases player chances of winning. The scatter bonus in the games Book of Ra is activated by the player managing to spin in three of the book symbols onto the screen at once. The bonus triggers ten free spins and the player is then shown a special nominated symbol. If during the ten free spins the special nominated symbol arrives on the screen the prize fund is multiplied. The scatter bonus can be very lucrative for the player and is an excellent feature for them to try to unlock. The final bonus available to players in the games Book of Ra is the gamble feature which gives players the chance to double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus is an optional feature that is offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels.

If the player accepts the optional gamble feature the player is taken to a new screen where they must make a chance fifty / fifty bet to double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus in games Book of Ra can be very lucrative as if guessed correctly the player can again repeat the feature to further increase their prize fund. The combination of the three bonuses works really well to create a very exciting and potentially lucrative playing environment for players. The next important element of the slots performance for players is the visual and sound effects that are presented to players. The visual effects of the games Book of Ra are fantastic as they manage to completely absorb players in the exciting theme and story of the slot. The background of the games Book of Ra really enhances the Egyptian theme to players as it shows the inside of a pyramid. This themed background is detailed in wonderful colours and shows hieroglyphics which look really fantastic on the screen. The title text of the games Book of Ra is a combination of a blue and red colour presented in a chunky fun font with a nicely drawn Egyptian symbol surrounding it.

The symbols that are used in the games Book of Ra are the 10, J, Q, K and A and the themed symbols which include the statue, book, explorer, scarab and sarcophaguses. The different symbols in the slot are all presented in fantastic detail and in bright colours which stand out well from the background. The various themed symbols in the slot all perform a stunning 3D movement when they are involved in creating a winning line combination. The sound effects in the games Book of Ra are themed sounds based on the slots Egyptian theme. The sounds brilliantly manage to create an Egyptian feel to the slot through clever electronic tones. The various winning line combinations all play their own sound effects that add lots of value to the players experience when playing the slot. The combination of the visual and sound effects work really well in creating a great atmosphere when playing the games Book of Ra. The overall performance of the games Book of Ra is of the highest possible level once experienced it is easy to see why the game is so popular and massively successful.