Play Book of Ra Online

Players when they make to decision to play Book of Ra online can expect to be taken on one of the most exciting adventures imaginable into Egypt on the hunt for a very important book. The book the player is searching for holds the secret to finding the most famous treasure of all time. The treasure once belonged to the Pharaoh who included its whereabouts in the special book that has been lost for thousands of years. If a player decides to play Book of Ra online they are placed in the shoes of the explorer who is trying to find this amazing book. The adventure and quest to find this book takes players through different parts of Egypt into pyramids and past many dangers. The exciting storyline is presented to players through great visual and sound effects which really bring the game to life. The action and adventure theme of the play Book of Ra online game is very entertaining and one that fans of action and adventure films will love. If players enjoy films like Indiana Jones or the Mummy they will love this slot game. The play Book of Ra online game is presented with wonderful visual and sound effects that players will love.

The game play is the most important part of the slot game for players and the high quality found here is the reason why people choose to play Book of Ra online. The format of the game is a five reel and ten win line set up where players have a moderate amount of choice over their win line selection. The first decision a player must make when they play Book of Ra online is how many lines they want to spin the reels with active. The more win lines that are active means the more chance a player has of winning when they play Book of Ra online. The higher the win line selection means the more expensive the spin of the reels is for a player. The player after making their win line selection must then select the amount of stake they wish to risk on the spin of the reels. The higher the stake selection means the higher the return a player will make. Once the players has decided on the stake and win line selection in the play Book of Ra online game they can spin the reels. The main objective when spinning the reels is to line up five of the same symbols from the left to the right across the reels.

The different symbols in the play Book of Ra online game all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be seen in the pay table. The pay table is located at the bottom right of the main screen and opens to clearly display all of the information to players. The first bonus users can activate when they play Book of Ra online is the scatter feature that presents a fantastic winning opportunity to players. The scatter bonus is represented by the book symbol and players need to spin in three of these symbols to the screen to activate the bonus. The feature awards the player with ten free spins and before these spins the player is shown a special symbol. If during the free spins the special symbol is spun into the reels two, three, four or five times the bonus payment is multiplied by that amount. The scatter bonus in the play Book of Ra online game has the potential to be very profitable and players will enjoy the excitement of activating it. The second bonus up from grabs when people play Book of Ra online is the substitute bonus that is also represented by the book symbol.

The book symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game in order to create a winning line combination. The book symbol and the substitute bonus in the play Book of Ra online game therefore dramatically increase player’s chances of winning. The third and final bonus available to people when they play Book of Ra online is the gamble feature where players can double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. The gamble feature is a very risky one that should only be attempted by the bravest of players. The combination of the three bonuses creates a very exciting and action packed slot game that can be very lucrative to clever players. The format of the play Book of Ra online slot also offers players a good amount of flexibility making the slot game incredibly enjoyable. The slots very involving and exciting theme is presented to players through excellent sound and visual effects. The visual effects of the play Book of Ra online slot include the background, title text and the symbols presented. The background of the slot is wonderful as it authentically recreates the Egyptian theme showing the inside of an ancient tomb which looks excellent.

The golden colours used in the background create a really exciting vibe to the play Book of Ra online game that players will love. The symbols used in the game are a mixture of themed and traditional symbols which look fantastic on the screen. The traditional symbols are the 10, J, Q, K and A that are all detailed in very fitting Egyptian font to enhance the games theme. The themed symbols that people who play Book of Ra online will find include the golden statue, explorer, scarabs, sarcophaguses and the book of Ra symbol. These symbols are all animated beautifully on the screen using bright colours and lots of detail. The title text in the play Book of Ra online game is excellent and very visually appealing as it’s a combination of red and blue colours mounted on an Egyptian looking display featuring pyramids. The sounds of the play Book of Ra online game are also in keeping with the games Egyptian theme as electronic tones are cleverly crafted together to create an Egyptian feel. The combination of the games visual and sound effects very successfully deliver the games interesting theme and create a great playing environment.